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INUK 2.6 C01


Ideal for a cool breeze in a hot summer

The mobile air conditioner INUK 2.6 C01 of NOVAER offers reliable functions for the hotter days. This device can provide pleasant cooling in summer, but can also ventilate and dehumidify – with INUK 2.6 C01 you have a device that combines all these functions and a product in contemporary design.

Ideal for your office and your home, INUK 2.6 C01 cools down your room efficiently. The maximum cooling capacity is 2.60 kW / 9000 BTU. The lowest fan speed level is useful for operation at night as the unit runs with less noise on lower fan speed.

Temperature choices between 16 and 30 degrees (C).

Timer & Sleep Function

Different fan speed levels

In the ventilation mode (fan) you can operate the mobile air conditioner without the air hose which increases the flexibility. Additionally, there are different fan speed levels available, which can be adjusted according to your comfort.

Fan Speed 3 levels + Auto


The dehumidification mode is ideal for autumn and wintertime for reducing the humidity level. In this mode no air hose needs to be connected to the mobile air conditioner as no cooling of the area is required. 

Dehumidifies 0.8 l/h

no air hose required in autumn or winter

R290 is a refrigerant-grade propane used on a wide range of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning units. A highly pure propane, it has a low environmental impact and nominal global warming potential (GWP), meaning it possesses no qualities that can destroy the ozone layer. R290 also is the preferred hydrocarbon alternative, substituting more harmful fluorocarbon refrigerants like R22, R134a, R404a, and R502. At NOVAER we only work with R290 for all mobile air conditioner types.

low environmental impact

alternative to other harmful refrigerants

Mobile Air Conditioner

INUK 2.6 C01 is a mobile air conditioner and can be taken from room to room wherever you need it most. Small wheels support comfortable mobility within your home. It is recommended to position your mobile air conditioner close to a window or door to ensure the air hose can be connected without problems.

Connect to Window

Connecting INUK 2.6 C01 mobile air conditioner to a window or door is relatively simple and does not need to be a fixed installation. The window or door seal needs to be added after connecting the air hose to the air conditioner unit. This is important for releasing hot air to the outside.


All accessories for connecting to the window is already included with your INUK 2.6 C01 mobile air conditioner. It can be simply connected to the unit but is not needed for all operation modes.

  • Connector for mobile air conditioner
  • Window connector
  • Exhaust host
  • Transparent tube for draining water
  • Remote control


The window or door seal by NOVAER is an efficient accessory for the installation of mobile air conditioners at home. Depending on your required installation type this version gives you the ease of simple operation. No drilling or cutting needed as it is a flexible polyester material for closing the window to ensure the cool air stays inside your room and the hot air remains outside.


Get a window seal of your choice as a gift for mobile air conditioner purchase on NOVAER shop.